WhatsApp Business API
WhatsApp business API allows you to programmatically integrate the workflows through personalized notifications and 2-way conversations.
WhatsApp Business API

WhatsApp Business offers solution to develop meaningful and impactful connections with your customers and reach out to billions of other customers in an efficient and yet a secured way.

WhatsApp business API is flexible, easy to integrate with any CRM, On-premise software, contact centre and support software to provide an exceptional connect and engagement with customers.

WhatsApp Solution

Connect with your customer through the most accepted messaging channel with Contiinex’s WhatsApp Business API & messaging API’s We will enable you to host them as a service and deploy a feature rich WhatsApp Business solution for you in no time.

3 Easy Steps

To Start Interacting With Your Customer On WhatsApp

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Engage Contiinex bots to send updates or converse with your customer

The WhatsApp Business API Features

Send And Receive Multimedia

Your conversations with your customers can contain rich multimedia content including images, pdfs, audio, video, docs, stickers and emojis.
This will empower your businesses to communicate in a more engaging format while being able to share tutorials, utility bills, invoice statements etc.

Interactive Messages

Interactive messages give your customers a simpler way to find and select what they want from your business on WhatsApp. List Messages, Reply Buttons, Single Product Message, Multi-Product message are the varied forms to quickly drive the conversations and receive the intent from your customers with less effort.

Interactive Buttons

Enterprise can send messages containing buttons for powerful experience to the user. WhatsApp Business solution allows you to add interactivity to the text or media message through the Button feature.

Commerce Platform

The Commerce platform enables e-commerce solutions and retailers to deeply integrate their infrastructure with the tools available to sell their products across the Facebook Family of apps, including Facebook Shops, Marketplace, and Instagram Shopping.

Language Options

Connecting with the customers in their preferred regional language has been one of the most striking features of WhatsApp.Unleash the power of conversations with different language options to choose from. The language support can be enabled in both notification and conversational flows.

Notification Templates

For opted-in customers, WhatsApp provides a mechanism to send additional types of information – defined and approved as templates. Message templates may be defined for specific business use cases like appointment reminders, shipping information, issue resolution, payment updates, bills etc.


All business-initiated messages require customer opt-in

Opt-ins must be collected before initiating any conversation with a customer using WhatsApp.

It is your responsibility, as a business, to store customer opt-ins and to ensure each customer that
you choose to contact has agreed to receive messages on WhatsApp.

How it works ?

All 3 are required for opt-in
Businesses must clearly state that a person is opting in to receive messages from the business over WhatsApp
Businesses must clearly state the business’ name that a person is opting in to receive messages from
Businesses must comply with applicable law

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