Deliver unparallel customer experiences with ComNex cloud-based dialer platform

Streamline, Optimize, and Unlock Seamless Customer Experience

ComNex provides an end-to-end communication workflow that seamlessly incorporates various channels including voice IVR, WhatsApp, chat, and email. ComNex is the next Gen CCaaS platform, this holistic approach to communication allows businesses to engage with customers and clients through their preferred channels, ensuring a consistent and convenient experience across all touchpoints.

What sets ComNex Dialer apart is the unified dashboard view of all interactions with customers through all channels, giving businesses a complete view of their customer engagements in one place.

Hyperscale your business by automating customer journeys

Cloud-Based and Desktop or Mobile Compatibility operates as both a cloud-based and desktop-based dialer platform. This versatility allows businesses to choose the deployment plan that best suits their operational needs. Whether its for field or office workforce.

Hyperscale your business by automating customer journeys across sell, deliver, and support in a single continuum through automated workflows with engagements that are continuing the conversation over email/chat. This ensures that customers get timely responses to their queries and concerns.

Unleash the Power of Voice and Non-Voice Data Monitoring

Omnichannel Orchestration

All interactions are managed in a single interface to deliver seamless Customer Experience

Intelligent Workflows

Auto-populate each audit parameter based on internal process logics accurately

One View Dashboard

Real-time analytics and reporting dashboards to help you measure and track Business & Process KPI

Cloud+desktop base dialer with omnichannel capablities

With its advanced predictive dialing capabilities, ComNex dialer allows you to define dialing ratios and activates channels accordingly for outbound campaigns which significantly reduces the time it takes for agents to connect with customers and enhances productivity.

The Smarter Call Distributor feature can link incoming call traffic based on deep logic of skills and geography, ensuring that the ‘right’ call is connected with the ‘right’ agent to create the best customer experience possible.

How does It work?

ComNex a holistic CCaaS platform, becomes a valuable tool for enhancing campaign effectiveness and customer engagement.

Field agents can leverage ComNex’s mobile capabilities to stay connected while on the move. Whether they’re conducting in-person sales visits, collections, performing onsite services, or conducting market research, ComNex ensures that field agents are equipped with the right tools to communicate efficiently with both customers and the central office through the ease of their phone.

By leveraging ComNex, contact centers can tap into the benefits of the gig workforce, expanding or contracting agent numbers as needed to meet fluctuating demand.

How Can It Optimize Your Process?

Flexibility to Scale

By leveraging ComNex, contact centers gain the flexibility to scale up and down as needed to meet fluctuating demand.

Enhanced Productivity

Reduces the time it takes for agents to connect with customers by activating channels based on defined dialling ratios

Customer Experience

Engage with customers on various channels, recognize existing customers, and provide personalized experiences

Don’t wait any longer to improve your contact centre’s performance.