Take your customer interactions to next level with ComNex

ComNex for Complex Conversational Workflows

ComNex is the next generation of conversational AI that can handle complex conversational workflows with ease. With its industry-specific LLM and generative AI, ComNex can provide rational responses and accurate information intake, all while contextualizing the conversation and understanding natural language. Whether you’re looking for a customer service chatbot or a business-to-business assistant, ComNex is the perfect solution for your needs.

With its ability to handle complex conversational workflows, ComNex can help you improve customer service, automate tasks, and generate leads.

Improving Efficiency and Enhancing Experiences With ComNex

Businesses are quickly learning the advantages of using Gen AI based conversational bots to improve customer satisfaction and streamline processes. The potential of these bots over voice and chat can be used in various industries, such as healthcare and insurance, to automate tasks and provide personalized customer interactions with technology that enables them to have humanlike conversations.

Now hyperscale your business by automating customer journeys
across sell, deliver, and support in a single continuum
through dynamic & intelligent workflows

What sets us apart! ​

In-House TTS Engine

Our commitment is to provide a voice that is not just machine-generated but is human-like, elevating the overall user interaction with meticulously crafted in-house Text to Speech

Industry-Specific LLMs

Industry-specific Language Models, tailored and trained for key processes. Fine tuned to deliver efficiency & enhance performance of any given process

Seamless Bot to Human Transition

A unique feature for smooth transition of calls from conversational bots to human agents with all the collected information for continuous & satisfactory experience

Human-like Empathy and Rational Brilliance!

Dialogue Design helps create meaningful conversations between customers and ComNex. With inbuilt NLP capabilities ComNex builds context into conversations with customers and understand their need better to have a humanlike empathetic interaction. ComNex will also detect tone and deeper customer sentiments such as anger, frustration, urgency or joy to engage appropriately to help solve customer query

ComNex pays for itself from the saving it does for you!

ComNex, delivers savings of $12 to $14 against every $1 invested in Contiinex

Maximize ROI with our Cost Effective Commercial Modelling

How does It work?

ComNex is trained to recognize and understand customer requests, providing personalized and contextual answers based on individual preferences and past interactions. It utilize sophisticated dialogue flow capabilities, ensuring seamless support for both inbound and outbound processes. With ComNex, customers no longer have to wait in line or speak with agents to get their answers – they can simply engage with the intelligent humanlike bots for assistance

ComNex is powered by Contiinex’s Speech engine and utilizes process specific large language models (LLMs) to understand and process customer inquiries in real-time, without any manual intervention. This enables ComNex to deliver faster response and higher first time resolution. ComNex is proficient at accurately detecting customer sentiment and responding to and taking action on critical tasks & inquiries.


Automate repetitive service interaction
Increase information intake accuracy
Deliver first call resolution
0 customer wait time
0 call abandonment
Private cloud deployment
Integration with Enterprise systems

How does ComNex enhance your CX? ​

Contextually relevant suggested response, tailored to specific nuances of each customer interaction
ComNex can handle high volumes of inquiries and diverse customer needs with 0 customer wait time
Machine learning algorithms to automate the security checks to enhance the accuracy and efficiency of the verification process

Don’t wait any longer to improve your contact centre’s performance.