100% Audit of all your customer interactions with Gen AI Based CRS coaching through AuditNex

Streamline, Optimize, and Unlock Intelligent Insights

In the realm of customer experience, maintaining high standards of excellence is paramount. Yet traditional methods often fall short, consuming valuable time and yielding subpar insights. As a result, businesses can experience lost revenue and missed opportunities.

AuditNex automates the monitoring of conversations, whether it be phone calls, chat interactions, or other communication channels. This intelligent solution leverages advanced algorithms and industry-specific pre-trained attributes to analyze conversations allowing businesses to extract valuable insights and actionable data.

Scale the QA samples from 2% to 100% with higher accuracy.

One of the key features of AuditNex is its ability to process both voice and non-voice data, including email and chat. This means that you can ensure the quality of all customer interactions, regardless of the channel and medium. With AuditNex, scale the quality monitoring samples from 2% to 100% with higher accuracy.

Automating the process, AgentNex seamlessly updates critical CRM fields based on representative-customer conversations, ensuring precise and accurate information, and elevating the overall customer experience. Discover a new era of customer service excellence with AgentNex by Contiinex.

Unleash the Power of Voice and Non-Voice Data Monitoring

Data security

Deployed behind the customer firewall making it 100% infosec compliant

High accuracy

Auto-populate each audit parameter based on internal process logics 

Built to scale

Analyses specific trends coming through from 100% of the interactions

Analyze calls on the sentiment index

Sentiment analysis techniques are applied to evaluate the sentiment expressed in the calls. Sentiment analysis to assess the emotional tone of the conversations and labels data to classify text or speech into positive, negative, or neutral sentiment categories.

The sentiment index can be calculated to provide an aggregate measure of the sentiment expressed across multiple calls or specific time periods. Use this as a key performance indicator (KPI) to assess customer satisfaction trends or the effectiveness of customer service interactions and gain valuable insights.


How does It work?

Leverage the Power of Industry-Specific Large Language Models with AuditNex, automate and enhance the Quality Assurance Process enables your CX teams to be dynamic, and set up the quality assurance process to meet the specific needs and requirements.

AuditNex auto-populates each audit parameter based on internal process logic. It auto-scores each quality attribute, eliminating subjectivity and ensuring standardized evaluation across the board. It applies predefined scoring criteria to assess the quality of each attribute, providing consistent and reliable results.

Identify patterns, anomalies, and trends, helping businesses understand customer behavior, preferences, and pain points. These insights can then be used to make data-driven decisions and improve the overall customer experience.

How Can It Optimize Your Process?

Process optimisation

Reduce the risk of manual error which can lead to pricey oversights & Optimize time and cost

Smart workflows

Customize the quality analysis based on unique & relevant requirements, focus on the metrics that matters most

Enhance productivity

Scale audit size to 100%, detect anomalies near realtime allowing teams to be productive & compliant

Don’t wait any longer to improve your contact centre’s performance.