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It all started with a thought of creating a new order world where people and AI come together in perfect harmony delivering high impact value for global businesses to make their customer experience extraordinary. The thought very quickly took wings and we reached our first milestone in building a Speech to Text engine grounds up with some innovative way of building an industry specific data repository and solving for other key infrastructural and security frameworks that were natural characteristic of B2B global enterprises.

During the course of our journey, we met up with some super bright minds that helped give shape to our thoughts and execution better. Together we embarked on the journey to build industry specific LLM just so we could solve for core business problems in industry verticals like insurance and healthcare as against offering something generic.

We have now set our sights in solving for something that is large scale and yet very specific to the industry type and in that quest we have built the first ever gen AI model to support a live agent during call along with automation of Quality Audit as a process. We are taking ourselves to our Next level and eagerly waiting for how we can orchestrate the perfect tango between AI and the workforce.

Prateek Mehta CEO & Co-Founder

A digital transformation leader, Prateek has spent more than two decades accelerating disruption and growth for top brands in the technology industry. As the Co-founder and CEO of Contiinex, a speech AI platform, he is rapidly changing the way insurance and healthcare sectors approach Customer Experience Management (CEM). His understanding of key areas for scale – people capital, partnerships, and product adoption – has seen him make Contiinex the platform of choice among leadership teams of 100+ global enterprises. Before starting his journey with Contiinex, Prateek was with Microsoft for 16 years spearheading the digital roadmap for enterprises. He is an alumnus of SIMS, Pune.

Vijay Krishna CTO & Co-Founder

A deep tech expert, Vijay has made significant contributions to embedded, mobile, and AI technologies during his 20+ years of career. In his current role as the Co-founder and CTO of Contiinex, a global, multi-language speech AI platform, Vijay is building exceptional AI that compliments human capabilities and unlock the performance of the human workforce at scale. He holds several patents related to automation, omnichannel systems, embedded systems, and AI across U.S., EU, and India. Prior to co-founding Contiinex, he held positions at Sasken & Accenture where he set new benchmarks in mobile & wireless protocol stacks and product development for deep-tech IPR. Vijay holds a Bachelor of Engineering (Electronics & Communications) degree from Bangalore University and a Master of Science (Software Systems) degree from Birla Institute of Technology & Science (BITS), Pilani in neural networks.

As a deep tech speech AI firm, Contiinex is committed to developing and deploying our cutting-edge speech AI technology responsibly and ethically. We integrate environmental, social, and governance (ESG) principles into our research, development, and deployment processes to maximize positive impact and mitigate risks.

Our ESG efforts focus on minimizing our environmental footprint, fostering a diverse, inclusive and equitable workplace, upholding robust corporate governance, and ensuring ethical AI practices. We prioritize responsible and unbiased AI development, user privacy, data security, and accountability.

Contiinex promotes diversity and inclusion, recognizing diverse perspectives drive innovation and create solutions benefiting all society. We cultivate an inclusive workplace where employees feel valued.

Through ESG integration, we aim to create long-term value for stakeholders while positively impacting society and the environment. Contiinex adheres to applicable laws, remains responsive to emerging ESG concerns, and upholds our responsibility to people and the planet

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