Empower CSR with
real-time agent assistance on customer Q&A through
Gen AI AgentNex

Supercharge your customer service team with AgentNex

Elevate your customer service with AgentNex, An AI-powered agent assistance that equips CSRs with instant access to relevant information and expert guidance.

With AgentNex, CSRs have the right amount of information in front of them in real time in a live call with relevant prompts basis the call type. With AgentNex they provide accurate and personalized responses without the need for hold time to deliver First Call Resolution (FCR) & an exceptional customer experience.

Operational Efficiency with AgentNex

Experience the power of Contiinex’s AgentNex, the cutting-edge AI-driven real-time agent assistant built exclusively for CX teams. With pre-emptive prompts and intelligent recommendations, AgentNex empowers agents to ask the right questions and analyze customer responses, generating compliant and supportive dialogues tailored to each call type.

Automating the process, AgentNex seamlessly updates critical CRM fields based on representative-customer conversations, ensuring precise and accurate information, and elevating the overall customer experience. Discover a new era of customer service excellence with AgentNex by Contiinex.

Simplify documentation and verification processes

Auto ID verification

Verifys & validates caller identities in real time

Automated CRM Update

Auto-filling CRM fields to ensure accuracy in records

Auto Summerisation

Summarizing conversation into concise, critical capsules

Automation of After Call Work

Automation of ACW or After call work will reduce the time it takes for CSRs to complete their ACW in each call, freeing up more time for them to handle or make more customer calls.

By auto-populating relevant customer information fields, and summarizing the call conversation into specific & critical information as records for future reference.

This feature of AgentNex can automate the CRM update process completely, improving the intake of quality data and thereby increasing operational efficiency, agent productivity drastically.

How does It work?

AgentNEX is an innovative AI platform that revolutionizes the way businesses interact with their customers. By plugging into your private cloud and integrating with your dialer. With an inbuilt speech-to-text engine powered by the industry-specialized LLM, AgentNex learns your business processes from the first hour and becomes increasingly intelligent over time.

AgentNex enables your customer service representatives to provide the right set of questions and answers, optimizing customer conversations for higher satisfaction rates. With AgentNex, you can streamline your customer service process, enhance the quality of CRM updates, and increase productivity by 35%.

How Can It Optimize Your Process?

Higher productivity

AgentNex can decrease AHT & ACW by up to 35%, giving agents more time to handle more calls

Data accuracy

CRM is updated accurately after every call, reducing the information intake errors

Zero training days

AgentNex can help agents get to the production floor faster, reducing the need for extensive training

Don’t wait any longer to improve your contact centre’s performance.