Speech Analytics

Contiinex Speech to Text can deliver high-quality speech automation and help you optimize your cost by almost 80% while securing your data 100%.


Pulse Check - An Examination to identify the impediments for Large Insurance companies to adopt digital transformations and how to overcome them while being compliant with the regulations

It comes with a built-in industry-specific attribute library for Insurance & Healthcare enabling faster deployment and accurate contextualization.

It is tailored to deliver the use case such as automating the quality audit process or finding anomalies in customer verification process or identifying points of leakages in Claims process or identifying customers at retention risk. The derivatives from the speech analytics platform are in easily customizable in the formats that fit your company’s needs to provide high quality data-driven insights.

The NLP built to interpret and contextualize the transcription, it can be customized for identifying keywords during conversations, to automate your complete  quality audit process.

Value Proposition

Platform language capabilities – US, UK & Australian English
platform training & calibration

Our STT accuracy is 90% for untrained data & can scale to 97% with platform training & calibration

Get deeper insights

Get deeper insights of what your customers are saying and get compliant on all regulatory aspects

cloud environment

Contiinex can be plugged into your cloud environment to help comply with all data privacy


Contiinex comes pre-integrated with all leading voice diallers for easy streaming of your voice data and can be deployed as a plug & play into your cloud instance.

It also comes integrated with all leading CRMs and can ensure high accuracy of information.

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5 C’s of Contiinex Speech Automation

Claims leakage and denial
Claims leakage
and denial
Compliance and risk analysis
Compliance and
risk analysis
Customer acquisition


Cost of


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