Advanced Analytics Solution For Unmatched CSAT and Text Data Analysis

Elevate Customer Satisfaction and Complaint Resolution

AiNex with its advanced algorithm analyzes not just keywords but the meaning behind them, ensuring that you get the most relevant results every time. Whether it’s with emails, summary notes, or extensive document repositories, our Semantic Search effortlessly handles various types of unstructured data.

Identify the root cause of customer complaints through our free text complaint analysis feature and sort unstructured text data into Uber and micro-level categories, helping you organize and create significance from a vast dataset.

Contextual Accuracy, Timely Responses, and Actionable Insights

The semantic search algorithm understands context, ensuring that your search results are not only accurate but also closely aligned with your intent.

Customers get timely responses to their queries and concerns with its capabilities of prioritization & categorization. Using advanced runtime prediction, it suggests the most relevant category for the complaints, ensuring that it reaches the right team for a quick resolution. We empower businesses with actionable insights. Identify recurring issues, track resolutions, and fine-tune your operations for improved customer satisfaction.

Elevate Operations, Enhance Customer Insights, and Boost Business Performance

Customer Behavior Prediction

Forecast future trends based on data, empowering optimizing engagement and retention strategies & strategic decision-making

Streamlined Data Indexing

Indexing organizes the data to navigate through effortlessly. Ensures quick access to relevant information even in large data volumes

Free Text Complaint Analysis

Point out the core issues behind customer complaints. Identify root causes, enabling effective problem resolution

Uncover Customer Insights with Precise CSAT Analysis

CSAT analysis provides precise measurements, allowing you to gauge how your products or services are truly perceived. Dive into the depths of customer sentiment, uncovering strengths and identifying areas for improvement. By capturing the essence of your customer’s experiences, you’re balanced to make informed decisions that elevate your business.

Complaint analysis delves into the heart of customer feedback, extracting valuable insights from free-text complaints. Identify the underlying problems that might be otherwise overlooked, facilitating effective solutions.

How does It work?

AiNex an Advanced Analytics Solution is designed to provide businesses with unparalleled CSAT and data analysis of unstructured data. Combining advanced algorithms, sentiment analysis, and categorization, it equips you with the tools to boost customer satisfaction, loyalty, and overall business success.

The solution offers comprehensive data views, including timelines, category types, and more. This visualization helps in understanding trends, tracking improvements, and making strategic decisions. Through meticulous analysis of unstructured data, AiNex constructs visual timelines that map the progression of events and the representation allows you to identify critical periods, seasonal patterns, and historical context that impact your operations.

How Can It Optimize Your Process?

Precise Customer Understanding

AiNex empowers you to tailor strategies that resonate, leading to enhanced customer experiences and loyalty.

Efficient Issue Resolution

Identify and tackle core problems hidden within free-text complaints. Uncover root causes, implement targeted solutions

Strategic Decision-Making

Leverage comprehensive data views and insights to make informed, data-driven decisions

Don’t wait any longer to improve your contact centre’s performance.